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What is Cosplay Ball?

The Dancing ball to merge all Stories

- - - - -

Every character has a unique story. From the treasure hunter who always seeks new adventures, the lone warrior who fights off demons, the strange teen who wants to party with oddities, to the space cowboy who detains criminals for valued coin.

These are the stories of fantasy you would see in a dream, a video game, a storybook, in your own imagination. Now we allow you to live out these amazing stories with your own interpretation in a magical dancing ball filled with artistic expression, Jaw dropping installations, and some of the most creative minds the world has ever seen.

Cosplay Ball - May 28th, 2017

(The last night to party for PHX Comicon!)

Bring your craziest ideas and put your artistry to work..for what is considered normal is no longer the status quo.


Limited supply, get yours before it's gone!

Our Code of Conduct: HATS!